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DC Shoes has always been dedicated to Skateboarding. It's the foundation of the company that continues to develop new technology and innovative ideas, such as DC's Super Suede, featured in the Lynx 2 and Ryan Smith pro model shoes. With an arsenal of riders that features veterans Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek, and Danny Way, as well as rising stars Lindsey Robertson, Ryan Smith, and Devine Calloway, DC Shoes continues to push the boundaries and progression of skateboarding footwear. Speaking of Danny Way, he was just named FHM's Athlete of the Year. And don't sleep on DC's extensive collection of price friendly shoes; the Court and the Axel. DC Shoes is an American based footwear company who specialize in producing shoes for skateboarding as well as snowboarding boots and outerwear. They also produce accessories for Apple Computer products, mainly protective cases for the iPod and Powerbook in designs matching their shoes. DCSHOESCOUSA is located in Vista, California. Skate Shoes and Skateboard Decks are what we specialize in. We also have skateboarding trucks, Skate Shirts, skateboard shoes, skateboard wheels, skateboard bearings, skate videos, skateboard clothing, skateboard grind rails, skatebaord ramps, and skateboard accessories. Buy the latest DC shoes online now at Tactics Board Shop! We carry the latest guys and girls DC shoes, clothing, snowboard boots, DC snowboard jackets and snowboard pants. We are an official authorized online DC dealer with real-time inventory and fast delivery. DC Shoes manufactuters footwear for all types of extreme sports, including skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, motocross, and surfing. They are highly regarded as one of the most well made shoes in all of the above industries, and have evolved into a multibillion dollar corporation. They recently released their first team video, entitled "The DC Video" which featured a critically acclaimed part by Danny Way in which he skated the DC "Mega Ramp," a series of skateboarding ramps.


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DC recently sponsored the world's first skate plaza, which was built in Kettering, Ohio. The skate plaza, a dream of Rob Dyrdek, is billed as the first skate park for street skateboarders. For those that don't know, DC's shoes are the extreme sports world must have for fashion. I have had DC shoes in the past when I was at college. I skated for about 3 years. My first pair of skate shoes was Vans; these just broke on me, as the material used is not really for skating. I decided I would fork out the money and pay for a pair of shoes that will last awhile, look good and can use for both skating and general use. I bought my DC's and by far they are a good shoe and still are. My brother bought a pair of DC snowboarding boots. Let me say this again they still look good.

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DC shoes are product tested. So they get real skaters, who know tricks inside out, to test the shoes. This way they can get weakness and ways to improve them. Believe or not but skate shoes are quite technical. The makers understand how cushioning your feet are important and that there should be a shock absorber of some sort, so that when you land, you don't hurt yourself. There's a lot of effort to produce a shoe. Most of the time DC's in house skate team will say, they want a shoe that does this, and this and this. Then they produce it, because they know that it's to their specification and that's how they ride. This way they know others will skate the same. Shoes, trainers, sneekers whatever you call them. Everyone needs a pair, and considering your feet are used more often than not there's no reason why you shouldn't adorn them with some nifty bits of kit to keep them from aching, hurting, etc. Everyone is different as to what is best for their feet but personally I find skate shoes are by far the most comfortable. Don't get me wrong though, I don't actually skate! My DC's were black, with white bits in. A plastic cover in the front of the shoe. (Like a toe cap. When you skate and do your tricks you usually use the front part of your foot and it scraps against the grip of the board. With out this plastic cover then they shoes will get wreck. It doesn't make the shoes look tacky, but gives it a better appearance). At the time I think I paid $60 as they were on sale. Normally they about $80. The shoes are very comfortable, and every effort is made so that you feet don't feel squashed in the shoe and that when you walk, you don't feel the impact of your foot hitting the ground.


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DC shoes began as a small company in southern California. Their first shoe, Danny Way's pro model, was released in 1994 and immidiately became a huge success. In just 10 years, DC has grown from being housed in a garage to becoming one of the biggest brands in action sports, with shoes designed for skate, surf, snow, BMX and motocross. As with all shoes, comfort is a must. Anyone who buys trainers, shoes etc. just for the look is a fool. When I first got these I was kinda worried they wouldn't be as comfy and my trusty Airwalks but after a prolonged wearing in period I can say they live up to skate shoes reputation of being excellent for walking/skating miles in. A good feature about these shoes is that the ankle support is quite taught, again this is for skating purposes but is also advantageous for everyday use.

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Within the skateboarding community, DC Shoes are known for their quality, technical features, and killer designs. While I must admit, it's been a while since I've been on a skateboard and the only tricks I can do are in my mind, I can definitely vouch for the "killer designs" part. As such, here are a few of my favorite styles in men's DC Shoes. This basic and versatile midtop skateboarding shoe features a hook-and-loop ankle strap, and breathable mesh panels for ventilation. With nubuck or leather uppers, this DC shoe is available in red, white, black, or a too-cool camel.

These professional quality skate shoes are built for performance with extra durable board-gripping outsoles, and with uppers of synthetic leather and textured, high abrasion overlays, they look great too. These DC shoes also feature a quick-lacing system. Available in a white/black combo, or white with grey.


DC skate shoes feature rubber outsoles with pill-pattern tread that is abrasion resistant to provide traction and flex in order to enhance board control. Designed with extra cushion and support, these DC skate shoes will definitely give an advantage on handling your board. Use the ramp as your platform to showoff your DC Shoes Manteca 2 with the prestigious DC logo clearly displayed on the side. Along with the traction, cushion and support that DC shoes are known for, the Manteca 2 will surely help you avoid a terrible slam! DC Shoes Avatar Womens HE has an action leather upper with PAL AB 2003 toe-cap for ollie protection. The Avatar series feature a rubber bottom that provides traction and flex for optimized board handling. Available for men, women and big kids. DC Shoes USA understands that in order to keep control of your board while performing, tricks traction is key. That's why the DC Alias shoes are designed with flexible, rubber outsoles for excellent ground contact while the lightweight midsole, padded collar and lining provide great comfort and support for your feet. DC Shoes product list includes Bar Short-Sleeve Tee, Hood Star 3 Fleece, Manteca 2, Striker, Shelter, Cabana 6, Power, Cabana 6, Manteca 2, Dyrdek, Striker, Tee Star Short-Sleeve, Hood Star 3 Hoody, Minar DX Jean, Dyrdek, Big Kids Quest, Big Kids Striker, Men's Striker, Men's Bar Short-Sleeve Tee, Big Kids Avatar, Big Kids Avatar, Big Kids Lynx HE, Big Kids Quest, Women's Striker, Men's Tigon, Blend, Madrid, Straight, Lynx 2, Hurricane, Evolve, Evolve, Manteca 2, Deluxe, Serva, Cloudbreak, Deluxe, Hammock, Era, Empire New Era Cap, Solo Star Tee, Women's Graffik, Men's Stanton Zip Hoody, Quest, Kalis, Clientele Remix, Court, Men's Quest, Big Kids Court, Big Kids Arrow, Men's Kalis, Graffik, Tee Star Plus Tee, Manteca 2, Lynx 2, Graffik, Omega New Era Cap, Solo Star Tee, Graffik, Tee Star Ringer Tee, Canteen Short, Tee Star Ringer Tee, Omega New Era Cap, Waxtag II Short-Sleeve Tee, Waxstar Hoody, Women's Court and many more, Visit Zappos by using the below link to see complete product list.

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In spring of 2004, DC Shoes agreed to be acquired by Quiksilver, Inc., the surfboarding and apparel company, which now allows Block and Way to operate DC Shoes as a wholly owned subsidiary. "There's been minimal change to our workday," said Block, whose first love is design and marketing. But as a Quiksilver company, DC has greater resources for product development, marketing and global reach. DC Shoes continues to inspire young athletes by showcasing top skateboard professionals, including Damon's brother, Danny Way. Not only is Danny a top technical consultant on shoe design, he holds world records in height and distance on a skateboard. That's big air. This video podcast features the DC Shoes skateboarding team showing you a range of tips on various tricks. A new episode is posted each fortnight focusing on a different trick performed by either Danny Way, Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Brian Wenning, Ryan Smith, Ryan Gallant, Darrel Stanton, Lindsey Robertson and Devine Calloway. Give your feet some added comfort and style with a pair of Junos. These are designed specifically for the feet of girl skateboarders and feature a foam-padded tongue for added comfort and a leather upper. They come in white/green, pink/black and blue/white. For all the latest styles from DC Shoes.

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