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From its origins as a hiking and outdoor footwear innovator, Merrell Footwear has grown and expanded to include all of the rugged experience in both natural and urban landscapes. Shop for your Merrell shoes in all sizes and widths, with a price guarantee and top rated customer service. Free shipping, free return shipping. Always progressive in design and style, always focused on integrated comfort and superior quality, Merrell footwear exemplifies the spirit of adventure with dynamic footwear ranging from all terrain sandals to rugged hiking boots. Shop for a variety of Merrell styles, including the classic Jungle Mocs and Merrell Bags and Packs for travel and trail. For over 20 years, Merrell shoes have been designed and built to perform for all those who recognize 'outdoor' as a lifestyle. For men, women and children, Merrell shoes are designed to fit right out of the box. Merrell shoes - the global reference for performance outdoor and active lifestyle footwear. View our complete selection of Merrell Shoes. Offer product videos consumer reviews and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since 1982, Merrell has been making task-specific, performance based boots and shoes to satisfy the demanding needs of the outdoor-enthusiast. Our mountaineering and hiking boots, trail running shoes, sport sandals, and casual shoes continue to offer the same uncompromising quality, comfort, and innovative design that inspired Randy Merrell to make the first pair of Merrell hiking boots in 1981. One of the widest ranges of Merrell shoes, boots and sandals in the US, supported by knowledgeable staff who can provide good advice on fit and suitability for terrain. Our range of Merrell boots, shoes and sandals is shown here, with links to walking socks and other outdoor clothing shown to the left. Merrell Shoes for all your outdoor needs: backpacking and hiking boots, trail running shoes mocs, slides, and sandals for men, women, and kids. Sonoma Outfitters offers all the styles you’ll be looking for this season, including: the Jungle moc, the Chameleon, the Topo, and more.


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Merrell boots and hiking shoes have been keeping outdoor enthusiasts happy with high performance footwear for more than 20 years. The women's Jungle Slip and the Men's Primo Chill Slide shoes make the perfect "around town" pair of shoes. The Merrell Stormrider Gore-Tex XCR is 100% waterproof and is the perfect all-weather hiker. The Merrell Pulse trail shoe has excellent support and traction. Merrell footwear is known to fit right out of the box. Merrell invested in the research and technology it takes to provide a precise, comfortable fit--a fit specific to whoever is wearing their footwear, whether that's a man, woman, or child. For Merrell, what began in the mountains of Utah, USA, now roams the world. For more than 20 years, Merrell has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with quality performance footwear.

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Investing in innovative technologies and exclusive materials is an essential Merrell principle used in their shoes, mocs & boots for hiking, running or every day use adding comfort and a higher level of performance to Merrell footwear. Merrell gives you footwear for the entire family with collections for men, women & kids. As the need of the outdoor enthusiast have changed, so too has Merrell's approach to addressing those needs bby incoporating them into the designs of their boots, shoes, sandals and mocs. Over time, the concept of "outdoors" has broadened to include all types of activities and environments - both natural and urban. Merrell is driven to keep pace with this evolution of "The New Outdoors", and continues to evolve the features and materials which their boots, shoes, sandals and mocs include. Famous as an outdoor performance shoe, Merrell Shoes knows all about style as well. Of course you want traction while hiking in the nearest forest preserve, but why not look good doing it? I've included a loafer and slide for when there's a pause in your active lifestyle. Here are my top picks in Merrell's men's shoes. Shoemall started carrying Merrell shoes. They wanted to offer a quality option in a casual shoe for our runners who were having foot problems. They found out that they were doing all the right things when it came to shoes and running, but a lot of them would change out of their running shoes after a :45 minute or 1:00 run and spend the rest of the day in flip flops, house slippers or barefeet even. They needed to find a casual shoe that had an anatomically correct footbed, with sufficient arch support and plenty of cushioning. Of course it needs to look good too! We found all of that with our line of Merrell shoes. Merrell Shoes, Merrell is dedicated to the outdoor journey of discovery -the search for self-knowledge, meaning, friendship, and fulfillment that links the world's people who enjoy the outdoors. Whether born on the mountain or raised in the city, enjoyment of the outdoor is independent of age, income, occupation or culture. The outdoors re-energizes, restores, illuminates and clarifies what is important to us all. Since Merrell's beginnings 20 years ago, Merrell has maintained passion for innovative designs and fine craftsmanship. Core values set the standard for all Merrell boots, Merrell shoes, and Merrell sandals they manufacture. Merrell footwear is designed for all men, women who recognize "outdoor" as a progressive mindset - spanning the natural to urban landscapes.


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Ridged outsoles for extra gripping power, Merrell dry hiking boots able the outdoor adventurer to roam on hilly trails, craggy shorelines and sun-baked beaches. For slippery mountainous regions, choose Merrell High Cascade Mountaineering Boots built for long distances and treacherous peaks. For women campers, try the Merrell Orbit Gore-Tex Moccasins the Merrell Shoes. These are perfect for roaming around in damp, rainy conditions on campgrounds. Featuring a snug fit around the ankles, your feet are free from moisture while allowing your feet to breathe, preventing blistering. For action-packed kids, shop for the Merrell Reflex Trail Running shoes that'll last during playground fun and family outings.

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I am also a big fan of Merrell's Moc shoes. They are extremely comfortable, have a super slick design, and are lace free. I can't tell you how nice it is to be lace free. I just got a pair, the Merrell Hemp Moc, with a nice natural woven hemp upper. I am very happy with them. If anyone is looking for a new pair of shoes check these out. From its origins as a hiking and outdoor footwear innovator, Merrell Footwear has grown and expanded to include all of the rugged experience in both natural and urban landscapes. Always progressive in design and style, always focused on integrated comfort and superior quality, Merrell footwear exemplifies the spirit of adventure with dynamic footwear ranging from all terrain sandals to rugged hiking boots.

Merrell loads up on the technical features for their shoes.  Performance shoes for hiking, trail running, climbing and other sports are all designed for maximum support, stability and durability. Footbeds are molded for support and cushioning.  Durable rubber soles provide incredible traction.


Merrell shoes also come in casual styles for more leisurely pursuits.  With uppers made in leather, mesh and other materials, these shoes are made to last.  Midsoles are air cushioned so you won’t ever be desperate to kick off your Merrell shoes.  So whether you’re looking for a practical winter boot or a good sneaker for hanging around, Merrell’s stylish shoes won’t let you down. If there was a cross-training light hiking shoe category, Merrell's waterproof and highly breathable Chameleon II Gore-Tex® XCR® would top the list. This highly versatile and agile shoe strikes a perfect balance between sleek and lightweight performance and waterproof durability. Unlike trail running shoes that often leave mesh panels exposed to abrasive rocks and sharp scree, Merrell's Chameleon II Gore-Tex® XCR® uses breathable defense mesh portals surrounded by durable waterproof pigskin leather to facilitate vapor transfer in wet weather. Above the impact-absorbing Air Cushion® midsole is a contoured 4.5-mm. anatomical footbed backed by a supportive nylon 6.6 injection molded arch shank. This is a great shoe for damp trail conditions, but if you require something for arid adventures, Merrell's Chameleon II Ventilator might be all the shoe you'll ever need on a day hike.

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A Happy Customer: Several years ago, I was getting over a case or runner's knee and decided to look carefully at my shoes. I decided to try the Merrell Chameleon Ventilator Low. Over the last two years I have bought four pair of these shoes wearing them for everything -- trail running, work, hiking, and backpacking. The fit is excellent for me, the support is good, and the protection for the bottom of my feet is also good as would be expected from a light weight hiking shoe. My knee problems have never come back. I just bought a pair of Merrell Chameleon II Ventilator. The style of the upper has changed but the fit, support, and protection are the same. Dear Mr. Merrell, please keep making this model.

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