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Whether you're a sneaker fanatic, or just shopping for some new athletic shoes, you probably don't need me to tell you that Puma shoes are hot. Combining the coolest styles, comfortability and functionality, shoes from Puma consistently top the wish lists of sneaker fans. In no particular order, here are a few top picks in men's shoes from Puma. Puma shoes are hot, and the Puma shoes on this list are among the hottest. Compare prices on these top picks in Puma shoes for men. Puma Shoes The Suede LS shoes are absolutely irresistible. These shoes have the classic look of old-school shoes, and are an absolute must-have for sneaker freaks. These Puma shoes come in black/white, white/grey, and white and blue. Buy Puma clothing and apparel such as Puma shoes and sneakers including Puma Roma and Mostro. Since its inception in 1924, Puma has grown to compete on the same level as some of the world's largest brands in sports apparel and footwear. Puma is distinctly different from the rest due to the creative infusion of sleek lines and vibrant colors in its shoe and clothing designs. Featuring fashion-forward trends, but fitting for the lifestyles of an athlete. From shoes to apparel, accessories to soccer balls, bags to protective gear, you can browse Puma's colossal selection of over 250 products at Zappos.


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NY Running Shoe Alexander Mcqueen designs this distinctive Puma with swoops and swirls of abstract shapes from the. These genuine brand new toddler Puma shoes were a gift to my toddler, they are in perfect brand new condition in the original box. Buy Puma clothing and apparel such as Puma shoes and sneakers including Puma Roma and Mostro. Also available are Puma track jackets, hats and more. PUMA shoes, sneakers and clothing is a business rooted in the passionate world of sporting endeavor. The history of the brand resonates with the echoes of great athletes and legendary performances, celebrated in stadiums across the globe.

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The history of PUMA shoes is a journey through the greatest sporting achievements of the last fifty years. PUMA has accompanied Pele through World Cup finals (you know he was wearing Puma sneakers), Boris Becker to the grass courts of Wimbledon (Puma sneakers, definitely) and Linford Christie (oh yeah, Old Linny, he was wearing a dope track suit) to an Olympic gold. The challenges of the work have included branding a store identity on an international scale and dealing with the agressive schedules demanded in retail architecture. amsterdam is the ninth puma concept store to open its doors. other stores include: santa monica, san francisco, tokyo, paris, milan, new york, rome, london and boston. staying true to puma's lifestyle appeal, kanner architects created the design elements of the three-story, 350 square meters to reflect the characteristics of the brand. the distinctive architectural design incorporates silver accents, deep red furniture and striking uses of puma's familiar jumping cat logo. the sleek, modern lines and minimalist surroundings highlight the product offerings. the amsterdam venue showcases athletic and lifestyle product lines of footwear, accessories and apparel, as well as items from platinum, mihara and nuala collections.


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Doing a Top Picks in women's Puma sneakers is kind of like saying "let's pick our favorite flavor from Cheesecake Factory." Who are we kidding here? I dare say I could pick forty pair of Puma and would still struggle with the elimination process. I want you to see them all!  However, I am comforted knowing you'll probably never get past the first few without saying, "These, I have to have." So I'll just pick a few. Click on the below link to buy Puma shoes at the world most popular online shoes store.

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A brand of sneakers. Their name and logo come from the cat of the same name. The stripe down the side is known as a formstrip. Extremely popular with Baby Boomers but not one of the first-line brands now, at least not in the United States. Interestingly enough, Puma was started by Rudolf Dassler, whose brother Adi founded adidas. A retro style from Puma named for the state of California. Given the proverbial laid-back nature of California, however, shouldn't it be a sport sandal?

Puma States According to one of my readers Down Under, this is what people call the Puma Clyde sneaker in Australia. Pump, The An inflatable athletic shoe technology marketed by Reebok. Described in US Patent 5113599. "Pump Up, Air Out" Advertising slogan for The Reebok Pump that made a slam at Nike AIR. Given the current market prevalence of the two technologies (lots of AIR, very few PUMP styles to be seen), it looks like the pump has run dry...


You already know that we're fans of Puma's RS-100 sneakers. We're also big fans of Activision's True Crime video game franchise. So when we heard that the two were combined to create 250 limited edition pairs of kicks, we couldn't wait to see them. The Puma True Crime RS-100 sneakers ($100) feature a map of lower Manhattan, a game logo on the insole, and the embroidered letters T and C on the heels. Each pair comes with a coupon to get a free copy of True Crime: New York City, but expect to make a trek to get them if you don't live in New York, the shoes are only sold at The Puma Store: Soho, Classic Kicks, Flight Club and Clientele.

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