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Diba Sas Shoes
Dutch design and Italian development meet Brazilian manufacturing and American ingenuity. Take the first letter of each country and you get Diba. An international flair is built right into the companys philosophy resulting in hot, hip shoes for the modern American womans. sas This melting pot approach combines the best talents in the world for shoes of exceptional quality with comfort and value. Enjoy Shoemall's selection of Diba Footwear.
Simple Sas Shoes
Simple shoes. The name says it all. Simple is the anti-stereotype, nice little shoe company from Santa Barbara, CA. whose sas styles are inspired by that last great free-time in life; grade school recess. Simple's approach is that shoes should just FEEL GOOD. What you see is what you get. sas shoes It's this laid back approach that makes Simple sneakers and Simple sas sandals the uncomplicated choice for those who just want fun sas shoes footwear that doesn't require extra thought. Enjoy ShoeMall's selection of Simple shoes.
Sas Earth Shoes
"Like walking barefoot on the beach" that was the sensation Danish Yoga master Annie Kalso had in mind when she designed the first Earth sas shoe years ago. sas shoes Earth features the Negative Heel that positions the heel just slightly below the toes; you'll feel your shoulders roll back sas shoes, spine and pelvis align, your body aligning naturally sas Propet Shoes. Proper alignment and healthier living is what Earth stands for. Get natural, walk the Earth. Enjoy ShoeMall's selection of Earth footwear.
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